Dr. Catania has been CrossFitting since October 2011. She went in to Kaizen Crossfit early in October to complete a Baseline workout. She was athletic in High School and was fairly active so she thought "I got this, this shouldn't be a big deal." Boy she was wrong, as most of us are when first being introduced to CrossFit! From that point on she was hooked. After a few years, Dr. Catania completed her training and earned her Level I CrossFit trainer certification. She has continued to be part of the CrossFit community with competing, educating and working with RockTape to keep athletes healthy!

As she is actively involved in the world of CrossFit, along with being an athlete herself, she is ready to work with you to continue to be active towards reaching your health and wellness goals! When other doctors would tell you to just stop doing CrossFit and that it is dangerous, Dr Catania knows otherwise. She will do everything she can to continue to allow you to be active. As she is involved in the sport, she will be able to understand the movements and activities you desire to achieve.



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