Dr. Catania has spent several hundreds of hours completing continuing education to be better trained to properly care for the special populations of prenatal, postpartum and pediatric. The following are some classes Dr. Catania has completed:

* Webster Certification                                                               * Fostering Optimal Neurodevelopment & Primitive Reflexes

* Techniques: Logan and Thompson                                             * P3: Pregnancy, Pediatrics, Postpartum (FTCA event)

* SOT Pediatric Cranial Adjusting                                                * Torticollis & Head Molding in the Pre-crawling Infant

* Pediatric Short Level Adjusting                                                 * Introduction & Advanced Doula Training                                    

* Neurosensory Integration                                                         * Post-Partum Corrective Exercises Specialist (12 week program)

* Reflex Locomotion/Vojta therapy

* BirthFit Professional and Coaching Seminars

* Oral Myofunction & Tethered Oral Tissues



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